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Clean Lashes Are Happy Lashes!

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

You hear it all the time, I tell you all the time. Clean lashes are happy lashes! The truth is even if you don't wear makeup or a lot of makeup you must WASH YOUR LASHES DAILY! We encounter so many microscopic variables (other than the obvious things we put on our face) all day every day that can affect our lashes; air pollution, smog, dirt, dust, pollen, our own oils (sebum), etc. These culprits all settle on your lashes (even your natural ones when you don't have lash extensions), the purpose of eyelashes to keep all that stuff out of your eyes. Volume fans will close when build up is left unchecked. (see fig. 1 below)

When these things collect on your lashes they will buildup and affect your retention (how long the extension lasts) and worse. If left uncleaned and buildup continues a condition known as BLEPHARITIS (fig.2 below) can occur, resulting in; redness, irritation and crusty scales. This can also affect lash growth and can permanently damage hair follicles. Intervention and treatment is necessary by an ophthalmologist.

Luckily all the mess can be avoided by washing your lashes daily with an approved lash extension cleanser and brush! Here at My Cosmetique Pro we use and sell Premier Lash Cleansing Mousse (fig 3 below) with Tea Tree oil to get rid of all the daily build up, makeup, and other pollutants. This wash with remove it all and keep your lashes HEALTHY, looking their best, and lasting longer!!

Additionaly when you come into your lash fill appointments with anything but squeaky clean lashes the new lashes will not adhere to your lashes because no lash adhesive will stick to dirty lashes for long. Think of it like this, all that dirt, oil, makeup, skincare, etc. is literally forming a blanket around your lash. When I apply the new extension to this "blanket" the extension will eventually fall off because it is only stuck to whatever is covering your lash and not the actually lash itself. With this in mind if you come to your lash appointment with dirty lashes, I will have to clean your lashes, which will cost an extra $15 and take time out of your appointment that should be used to put on more extensions. So please, please, please clean your lashes daily and come to your appointment with clean lashes. If you are coming to your appointment straight from work and wear makeup, you can arrive early, come in and ask for the cleanser to remove your makeup yourself prior to your appointment.

Thank you for reading my blog and keeping your lashes clean, healthy and happy!!



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